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Reef Watch SA and Victoria are utilizing the Biological Recording System to make it easy for you to report sightings of marine pests and species of conservation concern. Click 'Field Guide' or 'Record a Sighting' above to get started.

FREE resources

Feral or In Peril (SA) has produced a number of information and awareness products. These are available for FREE, so if you would like any of these, please contact us at feralperil@conservationsa.org.au

- FIP species identification slates: waterproof for divers, laminated for fishers/boat owners
- FIP species information booklet
- Boat Owners Guide: caring for our coastal waters: a guide for recreational boat owners
- Look after your bottom posters with the message ?Stop the spread of marine pests and keep fish habitats healthy?. These posters have been put up at boat clubs and ramps around metropolitan Adelaide with simple tips about cleaning and checking boats regularly to prevent the spread of marine pests. If your club would like one of these, please contact us at the email above.

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Latest Statistics

Number of users 135
Total number of records 2673
Number of species recorded 33

The last sighting was a Leafy seadragon, Phycodurus eques in the group SA Conservation Concern.


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